Liquid Hand Wash

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Case of 6 – 8oz. bottles
5 Fragrances

Also available in Professional Sizes.

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6 reviews for Liquid Hand Wash

  1. Dianne Grey

    I purchased the lavender currant and have it by my kitchen sink. It smells wonderful and leaves my hands feeling clean and soft.

  2. Aurora Smith

    I love the vanilla lavender hand soap fragance and how gentle it is on the skin. I don’t need to be applying hand lotion as much as when I use store bought soap.

  3. Shelly Hankins

    The liquid hand wash is perfect for the bathroom. It lathers well and rinses slick.

  4. biffhank

    I need to add an addendum. I vacationed last week and noticed how dry my hands stayed. Nearly scaly in dryness. I thought “when I get home I will use one of the sugar scrubs”. I came home and after a couple of days I noticed I no longer felt my hands needed some serious attention. Dawned on me that they were no longer that dry or scaly and I hadn’t done more than wash my hands using this hand wash and added the usual body butter or lotion. The hand wash put the moisture back that the soaps had stripped off. I still plan on using the sugar scrub (love it!) but my hands are much better thanks to the hand-wash. Thanks, Marilyn!

  5. Larry L.

    I am a big fan, I can easily tell the difference between the hand soaps from here versus “store bought” brands that dried my hands out. It seems to take less to do the job also.

  6. biffhank

    I really like this hand wash. You don’t feel your hands stripped of oils and needing lotion when you use this one. I think they mentioned it is antibacterial in nature due to the lavender but I won’t say that for sure. But it is easy on the skin and saves on the lotion required with most hand soaps.

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All natural liquid soap rich in olive oil that moisturizes as it cleanses.

Powerful enough for gardeners hands yet gentle enough for baby’s skin. Great next to the kitchen or bathroom sink.  Matching hand/body lotion available.

Organic plant extracts, aloe vera, essential oils, Green Chemistry renewable ingredients and sulfate free.